A Very Nice Example of a Later War Issue in Silvered Grey Zinc, Deutsche (German) Winter Campaign in East / Russia (Winterschlact im Osten ) Ostmedaille. Eastern / Russian Front Medal. 1941 – 42. Split Ring Stamp Reads: 110 (Otto Zappe, Gablonz ). Complete with a 7” Piece of Correct Period (No Modern Synthetic Threads / Fibers) Medal Ribbon. c.1942 – 44.

Notes. Criteria: 14 days In Combat / 60 None Combat between 15 Nov 4 & 15 Apr 42. Wounded in Action. Killed in Action (Posthumous). Injury i.e. Frostbite. Designed by Serving Schutzstaffel (SS) SS-Unterscharführer (2nt Lt) Ernst Krause. Ribbon: Red, White & Black (Symbolic of: Blood, Snow & Death). Awarded from: 26 May 42 to 04 Sep 44.

Dimensions: Diameter: 36mm.
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