A Lovely Post 1957 Example of an Official Denazified Version of the WW2 Luftwaffe (Air Force) Fallschirmschützenabzeichen (Paratrooper / Parachutist’s Badge) c.1935 – 45. Reintroduced for War Veterans & Still Serving Members of the Bundeswehr (Federal Armed Forces) who qualified during WW2. Within a Split Oval Wreath of Laurel & Oak Tied together at the bottom by a Garland, also said to be the Flag of the Federal Republic of Germany. In Silver Plate. Mounted on the Wreath, A Diving Eagle with Down Swept Wings (Without Swastika). In Gold Gilt. Two Piece Alloy Construction, secured together by Rivets. Solid Back / Reverse. A Vertical Hinged Needle Pin & Catch. Worn on the Lower RHS Part of the Left Breast Shirt / Tunic / Feldmütze Pocket. c.Post 1957.

Award Criteria: The Original Criteria was for All Ranks of the Luftwaffe who successful completion of the Parachute Training Course, which included 6 Jumps. The Award was presented in a Blue Case / Box with an Award Certificate / Document, also a Jump License & Log. 02 May 44 the Award became eligible for Medical, Administrative & legal personnel who had made 1 Combat Jump.

Notes: Formation 29 Jan 36 first Para Instructor Trg / Set up Para / Jump Sch @ Stendal Airbase. 600 Trained Vols formed 1st Para Batt General Göring Regt of the Air Force. Renamed 01 Apr 38 1st Batt, 1st Para Regt. 1936 Army formed a Para Inf Coy & the SS a Para Platoon. 04 Nov 38 Para Inf Coy up scaled to Batt Strength, then on the 01 Jan 39 Transferred to the Air Force, becoming the 2nd Batt, 1st Para Regt, in the newly formed 7th Airborne Div (Summer 38) Commanded by Gen Student. Approx. 50 Paras were attached to the German Condor Legion for the Spanish Civil War. Further up scaling followed 3rd Batt, 1st Regt & 2nd Para Regt with 2 Batts. 1955 Bundeswehr formed & an Airborne Brigade Created. Cadre Formed in 1956 of WW2 Parachutists & New Volunteers. Heer (Army) Silver Eagle on Gold Wreath. Luftwaffe Gold Eagle on Silver Wreath, Luftwaffe Para Badge c.1936 – 39 – 45. Heer Para Badge c.1937 – 39. Introduced 01 Sep 37 Authorised by Commander in Chief of the Army Generaloberst Freiher von Fritsch. Discontinued in 1939.

Dimensions: 53 mm x 43 mm. Weight: 31 g

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