Obverse: Australia Coat of Arms

Reverse: Engraved with number ‘381’ and below the raised legend ‘For Loyal Service’

Metal: Silver. With makers name ‘Stokes’ and ‘Sterling’ silver marks impressed on rim

Dimension: Approx 38mm

Weight: Including integral chain 65g

Suspension: Neck chain length approx 760mm

Designed and instituted by the Australian Military Administration of Territory of Papua and Mandated Territory of New Guineas , as a reward to indiginous members of the native constabularis (Royal Papuan Constabulary & New Guinea Constabulary), Papuan Infantry Battalion, Coast-Wathers, Solomon Scouts etc for outstanding acts of loyalty and distinguished service during the New Guinea campaigns 1942-1945

Note: The Australian War Memorial Collections include a series of photographs taken in 1945, showing Major-General W. Bridgeford, GOC 3 Division presenting awards to Native Scouts, Native Constabulary, Papuan Infantry Battalion, Coastwatchers, decorated for the fighting in New Britain, including the long running siege of Rabaul and at Bouganville. The medal was awarded for service in all parts of Papua & New Guinea, under the scope and remit of Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit (ANGAU)) 1942-1945

A rare and desirable item of ‘Pacific War’ insignia

Condition: Toned About EF

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