A Lovely Collection of Six Small Pictures of the Same Waffen SS Enlisted Mann / Schütze / Rifleman in Various Forms of Autumn / Winter Dress. All on pre 1945 Agfa Printing Paper from Lupex, Bavaria, Germany. 3 x Variations of the Pre 1945 Agfa-Lupex Ink Print / Stamp to the rear of Pics.
1• 1940 Pattern Feldgrau (Field Grey) Wool, Five Button Tunic with the Field Grey Collar.
2• Light Patrol Order: Black Leather Belt with Rectangular NCO’s / OR’s Steel Buckle, K98 / Karabiner 98K (Mauser) Rifle Ammunition Pouches.
3• Regulation Feldgrau (Field Grey) Double Breasted Wool Greatcoat (2 Rows of 6 Buttons).
4• M35 /40 Helmet nicely Displaying the SS Ruin Decal.
5• OR’s Feldmütze (Field Cap) / Side / Overseas Cap with BeVo National Emblem & Death’s Head. Schulterklappen / Epaulettes / Shoulder Straps: Waffen SS Infantry, Black with White Piping. Collar Patches: Runic: (Worn by All German & Germanic Units of the Waffen SS not allocated other Patches). OR’s Machine Woven, Silver Grey on Black. Rank Patch: Black; SS-Schütze.
6• Light Fighting Order: Grey Knitted Wool Gloves. Canvas Anklets. Black Mountain Boots.

Notes: Schutzstaffel: The SS. Literally Protection Detachment, formed in 1925 from the Stosstrupp Hitler. Stosstrupp: Shock Troop. Waffen SS: The Militarized Formations of the SS. Originally composed of the Verfügungstruppe and the Totenkopfverbande. Combined non German SS Units after 1940. Verfügungstruppe: The Original Militarised Formations of the SS renamed Waffen SS in 1939. Totenkopfverbände or TV: Death’s Heads Units. Originally made up of Volunteers from the Allgemeine (General) SS. Employed as Concentration Guards. Formed the Nucleus of the first field formations of the Waffen SS. From 1933 Schutzstaffel Unit Insignia displayed two Sig Runes.

Dimensions: 88 mm x 61 mm Each Pic.

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