The Minutes Portraying the Colours Presentation to The 4th Kings African Rifles (K.A.R.) & the March Past Parade on Saturday 02nd June 1923. Removed from Glass Frame (Card Frame Only) Paper still Bright & Vibrant. Clear Governor’s Signature.

Minutes addressed to Lieut-Colonel G. C. Hill, Officer Commanding 4th King’s African Rifles,


His Excellency Sir G. F. Archer, K.C.M.G., Governor and Commander-in-Chief of the Uganda Protectorate.

Notes: The Uganda Protectorate, became The Uganda Rifles (UR). 01st Jan 1902, Amalgamation: Six Batts: 1st & 2nd Nyasaland, 4th Uganda, 3rd & 5th Kenya, & 6th Somaliland to form: The King’s African Rifles. Regt Colours were Awarded to the Four Senior Battalions in 1923. King GR V became Colonel in Chief on 15th Sept 1925, followed by King ER VIII, King GR VI & Queen ER II. Between the two World Wars, though substantial economies of men and materials were made, organisational changes meant that at the outbreak of the 1939 conflict, the Regt was in a good position to defend the Northern Borders of East Africa from Invasion. Independence: The few years that followed the end of Mau Mau insurrection saw the coming of Independence to the East African Colonies & Protectorates, and with this, the eventual Disbandment of the K.A.R. During its existence, it had fought with honour in many and varied Theatres of Operation; many of its European Off’s & African Askari were Killed or Injured, many receiving Bravery Awards.

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Imperfections: Small Stain Marks to Paper, See Pics.

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