A Lovely Removed From Uniform (RFU) 70’s Bush War Period (Short Lived) Worsted (Woollen Yarn) on Melton Felt Set of Qualified Pilots Wings / Badge / Brevet to: The Rhodesian Air Force (Rh.A.F.) To the Centre in Off White / Drab, Red, Green, Purple & Gold, highlighted in Black the Southern Rhodesian Shield Encircled by Two Twigs of Laurel Leaves, Surmounted by the Lion & Tusk Guardant (B.S.A.C. Heraldic Crest) and attached either side by a Pair of Bateleur Eagle Wings (13 Feathers). On a Black Melton Felt Backing. Padded. Complete with a White Velcro Backing. c.1970 – 80.

Dimensions: 42 mm x 113 mm.
Code: 51118Price: 128.00 GB

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