A Lovely Unissued / Not Worn Condition Set of Embroidered All Ranks (AR’s) Official Issue (Operational) Qualified Parachutist Wings / Badge / Brevet to: The New Zealand Special Air Service (NZSAS). Embroidered Polyester Threads on a Dacron Backing. White Parachute Filled in the Centre in Black & Highlighted in White & Black. Wings (8 Feathers) White / Royal Blue with Black & White Highlights on an Olive Green Trimmed Dacron Backing. Green Corse Linen Backed. Anzac Elite No.711.c.1986 – 95.
Roots Long Range Desert Group (L.R.D.G). Feb 55 Sqn Formed on the lines of 22 Special Air Service Regiment for operations with the Far East Strategic Reserve and the British Counter Insurgency effort in Malaya. Disbanded late 1957. The NZSAS was reestablished in October 1959.
Brand name Dacron Terylene in Britain = Polyethylene Terephthalate.

Dimensions: 30 mm x 75 mm.
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