A Been There Done That Example of an Early / 1st Pattern Large, Worn / Used / Removed From Uniform (RFU) Conditioned, WW2 Period Army Flying Badge, Royal Crest Wings to: The Glider Pilot Regiment, Glider Pilots & The Royal Artillery (RA), Air Observation Post (AOP) Pilots. Embroidered Worsted (Woollen Yarn) on Melton Felt. Yellow Gold / Scarlet Red / White / Green / Blue Embroidered Kings / Tudor / Imperial Crown Royal Crest with Black Highlights. Wings (14 Feathers) Light Blue. Set on a Dark Blue Melton Felt Backing. Trimmed for Wear. Worn on the Left Breast. c.1942 – 46.

Notes: Royal Crest Kings Crown (KC) Wings Awarded: Initially to Both Glider Pilots & Air Observation Post (AOP) Pilots.
c.1942 – 46: Lge KC Wings.
c.1946 – 50: Sml KC Wings.
c.1944 – 50: 2nd Pilot Wings.
c.1948 – Late 50’s: AOP Pilots Wings.

Dimensions: 46 mm x 130 mm.
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