A Lovely Quality Scarce / Sort After, Hallmarked (HM) Silver Commemorative Badge for: No. 1 Demolition Squadron (Popski’s Private Army). A Spherical Astrolobe. Die Struck In Silver. Hallmark: Anchor – Lion – C – Queens Head / Birmingham, England, “C” 1977. Makers Mark: LB&BCO (London Badge & Button Company). Serial No. 23. None Voided. 2 x Lugs N / S. c.1977. KK2068.

Notes: Cap Badge designed from a picture of a Spherical Astrolobe (A Device used for Star Navigation). Colonel Vladimir Peniakoff – An English educated Businessman of Belgian / Russian ancestry living in Cairo at the start of WW2. With previous Desert Experience, he was commissioned in 1941 & in 1942 he formed the Smallest Unit in the British Army (Strength 120). PPA Raised: 10 Dec 42.Kufra, Egypt. Disbanded: 14 Sep 45 in Vienna. British Special Forces WW2 North Africa Campaign. Italian Achsenmächte (Axis Powers /Forces).Highest Serial No Seen: 185.

Dimensions: 32 mm x 24 mm.
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