A Lovely Example of an Early, Scarce, in Theatre Made, Egyptian Style Sand Cast in Quality Brass, Ordinary Ranks (OR’s) Headdress Badge to: Belgian Army, 1st Parachutist Regiment S.A.S / 1st Parachutist Battalion. King Arthurs Sword Excalibur surmounted by flames. Title Scroll / Motto Reads: WHO DARES WINS. (Designed by Sergeant Bob Tait M.M. in 1941). Sand Cast in Quality Brass. 2 x Lugs N / S. c.Post 1946.

Notes: 5th SAS / 1st Belgian SAS Parachutist Regiment. 1942 (08 May) 1st Para Unit: ‘B’ (Parachute) Company, 2nd Bn Belgian Fus. 1942 (Oct): Attached 3 Para.1943 (Jan): Redesignated: Belgian Independent Parachute Coy.1943 (Aug): Posted as: 4th Coy British 8th Para Bn.1944 (Jan): Joined: The Special Air Service Brigade.1945 (Apr): Coy rec Vols from Belgian & became the Belgian S.A.S Regt & Operated as 3 Recce Sqn’s under 2nd Canadian Corps.1945 (08 May): Counter Intelligence Roll. Post War: Reduction & a Fight to Continue.1946 (Early): Redesignated: 1st Para Regt S.A.S, then Belgian Para Bn, & 1st Para Bn.1950 – 54: Korea in the Corps Volontaires Corea (CVC).1952: Formed: Para-Commando Regt. (Para Bn / 1st Bn & Cmdo Bn / 2nd Bn.).
Wars / Conflicts: 1939- 45: WW2. 1950 – 53: Korea.1959 – 62: Rwandan Revolution.1960 – 66: Congo Crisis.1977 – 78: Zaire.1990 – 91: 1st Gulf War.1992 – 95: Somalia.1999: Kosovo.2001: Afghanistan.

Dimensions: 47 mm x 30 mm.
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