– Belgium: Order of Lepold II. French language obverse. With ‘Swords’ emblem on riband
– Belgium: Cross of War 1940-45. With ‘Leopold’ reverse cypher & Bronze Palm emblem
– Belgium: Commemorative Medal 1940-1945. With ‘Crossed Lightening Bolts’ emblem
– Belgium: Resistance Medal 1940-1945

Sold together with below original award commendations;

– United Kingdom: Commendation from Air Chief Marshall R.A.F. to Hector Moreau, for helping Commonwelath Aircrew escape or evade capture
– United States: President’s ‘Commendation’ to Henry Moreau, for gallantly assisting in the escape of Allied Soldiers from the enemy

Important: The award files for Europeans in enemy occupied Europe who rendered assistance to ‘Allied Aircrew’ on escape lines behind enemy lines are held in The National Archives, London (and similarly in a national repository in the USA). The records show that the recipient Henry Moreau had been resident of, 143 Rue Linthout, Brussels, Blegium, and that his ‘Grade 5 Award’ from the British had been a ‘Posthumous’ award sent to the recipient’s Mothe, Mme Moreau, as ‘Next of Kin’

Presumably, the recipient died during the Second World War, quite possibly executed as a resistance fighter, or was captured and deported to a Nazi Concentration Camp where he subsequently died

The rendering any form of assistance to ‘Allied Aircrew’ to escape and evade capture in enemy occupied Europe was fraught with extreme danger. If caught, the penalties for performing such deeds were invariably
detention, deportation or summary execution. The helpers on all ‘Escape Lines’ were in a word ‘Valiant’

Condition: Medals mostly EF

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