– Medaille Militiaire. Dated 1870. 3rd Republic (1870-1946)
– Cross of War (Croix de Guerre 1939). Reverse dated 1939. With 1 x citation star
– Combatants Cross (Croix Du Combatant). With French Mint marks
– Colonial Medal. 2nd official type by paris Mint. With clasp ‘Afrique Francaise Libre’
– Commmemorative Medal 1939-1945. With 2 x clasps ‘France’ & ‘Allemagne’
– Italy Campaign Medal 1943-1944
– Medal for North Africa (Medaille D’Afriqie Du Nord). With clasp ‘Maroc’
– Order of the Star of Anjouan 1896-1963 (Ordre de l’Étoile d’Anjouan). 5th Class
– Order of the Black Star of Dahomey 1896-1963. 5th Class, Cheavlier

The inclusion of the ‘West African’ colonial orders, as well as the particular combination of campaign clasps, indicates that the veteran who wore these medals, was almost certainly a senior Warrant, Officer of the French Colonial West African forces (the most famous which were the various Seneagal Tirailleurs). The grouping represents extensive campaign service during the Second World War (including ‘France’ in 1940, service in West Africa between 1940-1943, Italy 1943-1944, and finally Germany in 1945). Post war active service was restricted to the ‘End of Empire’ campaign in Morocco during the 1950’s.

All mounted as-worn, in the correct order of precedence, on flock mounting pad. The reverse of the mounting pad with clip fittings, and as-worn by the recipient

A most impressive and desirable combination of medals to a much decorated French colonial soldier

Condition: GVF

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