​- The 1939-45 Star
– The Africa Star. With clasp ‘North Africa 1942-1943’
– The Italy Star
– ​Defence Medal: Canada silver issue
​- Canada: Canadian Voluntary Service Medal. Silver. With ‘Overseas’ clasp
– War Medal: Canada silver issue
– Canada: Canada Decoration. GVI issue (Cpl J. W. Vidal)

Important: Corporal John ‘Jack’ Weedon Vidal served with Royal Air Force during the Second World, having been a pre-war colonial volunteer – one of all-volunteer ‘Biggs Boys’ who with war clouds gathering in Europe, left their native Canada, to volunteer in the Royal Air Force. In 1940, Jack served in France with 150 Squadron Royal Air Force, and was for a time posted ‘Missing’ at the Fall of France. The book ‘The Biggs’ Boys: The story of young Canadians who paid their way to England to join the Royal air Foce during World War Two (Ken Stoffer, 1995) refers;


Biographies of The Vidal Brothers

Ron and Jack Vidal lived at Maple Bay near Duncan on Vancouver Island. With the threat of an approaching war they considered joining up together

Biography of Jack Vidal

Ground Crew, No. 150 Squadron, RAF

I was 18 years old when my brother Ron and I, after discussions with Captain Biggs, left on September 11th, 1938 to join the RAF. We went by boat from Victoria to Seattle and then by bus to New York, then the Cunard Liner the Acquatania to Southampton. There were only a few passengers on board. People were aware a war wasn’t far off and did not want to be caught in England. We third-class passengers had the run of the ship. We arrived in Southampton on September 20th

After enlisting Ron and I were separated. I joined up at Uxbridge on the 23rd of September, 1938. I completed an aero engine course at St. Athan, Wales and was posted to about three stations in England during my career.

The day before war started I was flown to France in a Imperial Airways Ensign. A wild party that night in a farmer’s wine cellar was where we heard that war had been declared

In France we worked on Fairey Battles of #150 R.A.F. Squadron. As the Germans advanced we moved our airfield every second night and slept in ditches or barns. Finally all the planes that could fly left for England. About 30 of the ground crew headed for Dunkirk, but enemy action forced me and my group towards Brest

The only ship in port was the Dutch Motor Ship S.S. Zealand. There were only eight seamen aboard, the Chief Steward being the ranking officer, so with our help and his know-how we took the ship to Plymouth. We had already been listed as missing in action. A church service had been held for us

Soon after I was sent on a R.A.F. Commando Course and then posted to Gibraltar where I spent several months putting Spitfires together, unloading them from huge crates. I spent a short time at Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa, on Sunderlands. Then on November, 1942 the invasion of North Africa


Note: Jack served with a different Royal Air Force Squadron while based in North Africa

John ‘Jack’ Weedon Vidal, was the fourth son of Hugh Francis Vidal and Lilian Vidal (nee Allan a native born Scot). By profession, a Dentist, Jack’s father and had been born 29 Oct 1878 in Dapoli, Bombay Presidency, India, and was baptized on 16 Jan 1879 in St. John’s Church, Dapoli, Bombay Presidency, India. Hugh Vidal died on 6 Mar 1941 in Canada at age 62. Jack was born in Beamsville, Ontario, Canada, in 1919. ‘Jack’ had three other older sibling brothers, vide Charles William Vidal (1905-1980), Kenneth George Vidal (1904-1984) and Ronald Hugh Vidal (1915-1988). At the time of the 1921 Canada Census, the Vidal family, including ‘Jack was residing at Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada. By 1938, the family residence was then located in Duncan, British Columbia, Canada

The medals mounted as-worn in the court-style and as-worn by the recipient. The medal mounting bar retaining the original long hinged pin and clasp fittings

The medals have been professionally plated in the Canadian style, as typically preferred by Canadian veterans

Condition: Plated GVF

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