Based in Central Switzerland, hidden away, high up in the Alps

Using microscopes to bust open the scams going on in the collecting field of Third Reich Militaria.

No self-proclaimed expert is safe, no Holy Grail spared a detailed and thorough microscopic examination. I have cracked more scams than a coconut crab has cracked coconuts, and best believe I`ll be cracking plenty more – it`s what I do. You can follow my detailed and incredibly funny scam-cracking escapades on YouTube, if you want. If you don`t want to, fine as well, just don`t be surprised if you find yourself on YouTube one day for trying to peddle the very same fakes exposed. “Oh but I didn`t know about his videos” is no excuse!

I can be contacted day and night, 24/7, via the email you see in this advert, via social media or, if you are lucky enough to own one of Adolf Hitler`s red mobile phones of destruction, by simply dialing 0800-lookatitgood. A professional Scam Buster never sleeps.

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